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How to use hair toner: BEST FASHIONABLE tips and tricks for use of HAIR TONER

Compared with conventional hair dyes, coloring balms have no less effective effect but don’t have a durable result. If you are in process of choosing ideal hairstyle or simply want to temporarily change image, hair tonic is exactly what you need. Let’ s see how to use hair toner.

How to use hair toner: what is a tonic for dyeing strands

In our today’s article, we will talk about how to use hair toner. Unlike standard hair dyes, tonic is a ready-made balsam, depending on brand of product. It is applied in diluted or pure form (this is indicated in instructions).

As a part of tonics natural dyes are used, which give locks a bright color, as well as oily suspensions to protect strands from drying out and strengthening dry curls. Most conventional paints have ammonia in their composition. So after staining, hair smells unpleasant, while in tonic there are aromatic additives that give hair a unique aroma.

Depending on composition of product, tonic for coloring can be classified into following types:

  • sparing – to these preparations are unstable shade tonic shampoos and balms, effect of which is only 1-2 weeks
  • light action – effectively stain strands for 2-4 weeks
  • deep effect – means that color hair for more than a month. Such coloring mixtures without ammonia bright colors can hold without changing color until up to 8 weeks.

You can use tonic very often. If, after usual staining, it is recommended to wait 2 to 4 months, tonic application is permissible every 1.5-2 weeks. In which case there will be no significant harm to the hair. Thus, every month you can try up to two new shades. Thanks to which you will choose your own unique style.

How to use hair toner: properties of tonic for coloring

How to use hair toner? You can’t just change color of your hair, but also restore some damage to curls. And also give strands an effective and healthy look. Main properties of tonics:

  • rapid coloring, color change is carried out 15-30 minutes after application of composition. Intensity of tone depends on duration of effect of mixture
  • harmlessness – a light texture and short-lived result is due to the sparing effect of balm on the hair. Mass does not penetrate deep into hairs, so agent does not adversely affect structure of strands
  • strengthening of shine – due to presence of oils and vitamin complexes, elasticity of hair improves and their natural shine increases. This helps restore the smoothness of hairstyle and simplifies laying of curls
  • additional moistening – absence of ammonia prevents drying of strands. And oils nourish and renew normal water balance of scalp and hair
  • ability to quickly wash off paint – if necessary, already short-lived coloring effect can be washed off with lemon or acetic rinses. As well as a kefir mask that will remove an unwanted tone in 1.5-2 hours.

These and other positive features of shade tonic make it popular among clients of all ages. Because in addition to ease of use and undeniable safety, compared to conventional coloring compounds, such funds are available to everyone without exception, since they have a low cost.

How to use hair toner: how to color at home with tonic

How to use hair tonic at home? To color hair at home does not cause you special difficulties, you should consistently implement proposed instructions. First, prepare all necessary accessories for procedure. You will need a plastic container for stirring balm, a brush or sponge for coloring, gloves, a cape on shoulders, a shampoo and a towel.

Tonic should be stirred to a monotonous consistency. It is best to do this in gloves, since getting product on the skin is undesirable. As it can lead to dryness and irritation. Hair should be slightly moistened with plain water. It is not necessary to wash them with shampoo before staining. Strand for strand, starting from roots and ending with tips, we paint entire head.

When process is completed, you should comb hair with a comb and massage it a little, whipping tonic into a foam. To fix curls on your head, you can use a polyethylene cap, or you can use a conventional hair clip. Keep product on hair 15-30 minutes, depending on composition of drug (apply tint balms strictly according to instructions provided on package). After expiration of decree time, you can wash tonic. Just rinse hair with warm water and get wet with a towel, after which you can do styling.

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