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Updo hairstyles for short hair: 8 top stylish UPDO IDEAS for SHORT HAIR

If you thought that beautiful styling is only available to owners of long curls, you were wrong! Look, what updo hairstyles for short hair offer hairstylists.

Updo hairstyles for short hair: trendy ideas

  1. In the Greek style

Plait strand, located just above the temple, in a thin pigtail, toss to other side and continue to weave. Lock tip of braid and make the same on the other side. Then connect both braids and secure with invisible ones. This is one of stylish updo hairstyles for short hair.

  1. The spit

You will not believe it, but this hairstyle is for owners of a short cut!

Before you start, drizzle dry and clean hair with a moisturizing spray or just thermal water so that they do not crumble and obey you better. Begin to weave a pigtail, adding all new strands. When you reach the ear, stop adding new strands, make a couple more weaves and tie the tip with an elastic band. Do the same on the other side. Piglets will be sloppy, but it should be so! All strands that fell from bottom, collect in a ponytail and tie it with a transparent rubber band. Now put braids on top of each other and with help of studs fasten it for very elastic that holds small tail.

Updo hairstyles for short hair: stylish ideas

  1. Thin braids

If your bean has grown, or you have not dyed hair for a long time, and their roots contrast with tips, such asymmetric braids will make your hair look like an avant-garde daring! Here is such a creative female hairstyle for short hair.

  1. Rim

Even very short hair can be placed in an original way, braiding a short pigtail along hair growth line. By the way, a great option if you grow a bang! It’s also in updo hairstyles for short hair trend.

  1. Macrame

Stretch and fix strand-base, a few spikes are thinner than twists into bundles and tie central strand with them. Fix this female hairstyle for short hair with invisibility.

Updo hairstyles for short hair: modish ideas

  1. French braid

A few intertwining and invisible behind the ear: one of simple updo hairstyles for short hair!

  1. Fish tail

It will take a lot of patience. But result is worth it! You fly a complex spike and fix it with a bow. If you have thin hair, you can put soft plastic curlers or a thin foam rubber roller inside spikelet.

  1. Spit with reverse weave

Ideal for an elongated bean or as an evening hairstyle – very aristocratic and exquisite!

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