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Upstyles for short hair: 4 top fashionable hair styling ideas for short hair

It should be understood that any short haircut requires attention and styling, otherwise it will not look as spectacular as we would like. In this article, you will find four pretty upstyles for short hair that are not difficult to accomplish on their own.

Upstyles for short hair: trendy ideas

How to make fashionable upstyles for short hair from elastic bands? If you are owner of short haircut, then you can do haircut with rubber bands. This can be imitation basket, spiderweb and more. Also, such marvelous hairstyle will perfectly suit provocative girls.

Hairstyle 30’s for short hair: making waves

Elegant style will always be in vogue. Hairstyles in style of the 30’s don’t lose popularity. Of course, for everyday life, they aren’t quite suitable but be sure to master technique of shaping locks in style of the 30s.

How to make hairstyle for short hair with curls? So you need strong fixation gel. It should be evenly distributed over clean, dry hair. Comb with small teeth, make deep parting. Create special waves with special clamps. This hairstyle requires an appropriate image. Therefore, take care of proper makeup.

Upstyles for short hair: modish ideas

How to make stunning upstyles for short hair with curls on short quads with curling iron? How to make short hairstyle with beautiful curls and without spending much time? Make quickly beautiful curls with curling iron. Suitable for daily use, and for special occasions. So size of curls will depend on diameter of curl. To ensure that result is pleasing, it’s essential to use mousse and medium or strong fixation.

Hair should be washed up and carefully dried. In order to strands were more docile, apply air conditioner. Comb hair and make parting, which is approach for your face type. Upper part of hair should be separated from lower ones, fixed with clamps. Thus curling begins at bottom of hair. Thickness of strand affects diameter of curl. For small curls, it’s necessary to take thin strands. On chosen strand, mousse is applied evenly, after which it’s wound on curling iron and kept for a couple of minutes until required shape is fixed.

After lower strands are curled, you can go to remaining hair. Finished curls must be adjusted with hands and fixed with lacquer. Using a curd, don’t forget about thermal protection, because it will preserve integrity of structure of hair.

Upstyles for short hair: voguish ideas

How to make creases on a short hairstyle? Halters on short hairstyle look very original and resemble Hollywood waves. Use hairdresser’s clamps and gel of strong fixation. Thus you can also use iron or special forceps.

As you can see, hairstyle options for short hair are enermous. Of course you should have to stock up a certain set of miracle means, which will allow you to fix result qualitatively, and also purchase curling iron or ironing. So if you aren’t supporter of such devices, then you can always do it in safe way of curling hair, which involves use of curlers.

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